Wayne Chrebet, Business Man

Wayne Chrebet, who played for the New York Jets from 1996-2003 made a transition from wide receiver to the finance world as soon as he retired from football.  He was a fan favorite throughout  his successful Jets career. Last December, he was inducted into the New York Jets Ring of Honor during halftime of a Monday Night Football game against the Miami Dolphins.

In 2009, Chrebet joined Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor and would work out of their Red Bank office in New Jersey. After four years of working there he would then join Barclays Capital as a financial advisor and Assistant Vice President working in New York City.  This opportunity came to him when he met Ed Moldaver, whom was a Senior Vice President at Morgan Stanley at the time. Moldaver liked what he saw in Crebert and the two would then make their way to the Barclays. Moldaver, Lee and Chrebet Group would be the team they started at Barclays together and it was regarded as one of the top teams in Barclays.

Their goal was to be committed to helping clients manage their earnings and show that opportunities will soon arise because of this.

During Chrebet’s playing days with the New York Jets was when he started  to think about his future after football and what he would do with his money. Bill Parcells, who was his head coach at the time gave him some great advice to start putting money away early on his NFL career. Parcells said that the football does not last forever and you need to be able to have a backup plan after your playing days were over. Parcells is right, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about it sooner than later.  Chrebet also discussed finance with many of teammates and started paying close attention CNBC regularly.

He would make yet another big move during his finance career as he recently has left Barclays Wealth Management and is joining Stifel Financial Corp. This a major move for Chrebet as he will be leaving a management team with $2 billion in assets. He has enjoyed countless success over the years and I believe he will continue to with his new job.