Super Bowl 50… What to Expect – Part 2

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Butterfinger. Butterfinger will be getting their slot during the third quarter of of the big game and they were able to let the world know during incredible skydiving stunt. How awesome is that? Recently, Butterfinger has generated a ton buzz due to their unprecedented offering NFL players up to $50K to cover fines from excessive celebrating during the game. The man behind this controversial idea is no other than former NFL wide receiver, Terrell Owens, who had his share of penalties and fines during his playing days due to some of his extraordinary celebration routines.

Colgate. Colgate will be airing right before the ending of the first half. This unique add will be pushing the idea of saving water while brushing teeth, a theme that rings close to home to California residents who suffered through an unprecedented drought during 2015.

Halftime Show & Ticket Prices

Halftime shows at the Superbowl have always been a been a huge spectacle, drawing in millions of viewers. Hoping to top last years record breaking performance, which drew in 115.3 million viewers to watch Katy Perry, Left Shark, and surprise guest Missy Elliot. This year, Coldplay and the Queen Bee herself, Beyonce, are slated to perform and anticipated to smash last years ratings.

Currently, the average ticket price is is around $6,000, with the cheapest sitting at about $4,000 (binoculars not included). However most aren’t jumping at the chance to trade their homes for seats at the Super Bowl, and will choose to watch it at home surrounded by family friends and plenty of buffalo chicken dip.

But for those who really need to be front-and-center, a measly $30,000 will get you in the VIP section at the 50 yard line.

Super Bowl 50 will be great event to watch as there is a lot at stake. With two incredible teams, one boasting the best defense, while the other boasts the best offense, and a possible storybook ending for Peyton Manning, this could be the most incredible Super Bowl yet.